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Asus annoucing $200 notebook

It's not a $100-or-less computer, but it's close enough. It's got wired/wireless lan connectivity (plus data modem), good weight (under 1kg), built-in mic and speaker. What are left to be desirable are the average battery life (3hrs) and built-in RAM (only 512mb; barely acceptable for XP). What's most interesting is that this particular model uses Flash RAM as the main storage instead of traditional hard drives. It may look like a notebook with minimal specs that target disadvantaged consumers who are very price sensitive, but I can definitely see technophiles wanting one to play with for its mobility and simplicity (After all, it's only $200!)

Apple Safari 3 Public Beta for Windows

Amid the hooplas for the latest Apple OS and iphone news is this particular gem. I think it's another briliant move by Apple trying to chip away Windows dominance. What's already conceded is that Apple will never replace Windows OS, but Apple is trying the next best thing: compete in the web browser market. Apple can safely leverage its advantages in technology and brand image on the windows platform without much fear of retaliation from Microsoft. Much like its Bootcamp emulator, Apple is forming an interesting co-opetition relationship with Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft will react, but my bet is on Apple to successfully increase its market share

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