My Summer Internship

Just received an email from Sony. It has finally received the working visa application and is sending it to me. In a week or so I should be heading to Tokyo to start my internship.

Got this offer through USC's Career Resource Center. Sony was coming on campus to recruit for internship. Basically there were 2 positions: a marketing position for VAIO, and a biz dev position for Felica (contactless IC). Most of other MBA's probably like the sexier sounding position of VAIO marketing, but I chose to apply for the biz dev one, since I like new technology and want to experience what a biz dev position is like. Fortunately I passed 2 rounds of interview and was chosen to intern in Tokyo this summer. Paid air transportation + board, and good salary too. There's probably a good chance that Sony would offer me a full-time position if I don't screw up too much. I am hopeful for that too...

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