Taiwan Trip Part IV


1/3 美麗華信花園, 光華商場, 朋友婚禮
- Decided a couple days ago that we would try to find a hotel near center of Taipei, so we can take it easy on the last few days in Taipei and not having to carry all our luggages across Taipei to take the airport shuttle. As luck would have it, we heard from a friend that 美麗華信花園 has a weekend promotion going on, so we got to enjoy a large room with good view with just half the regular price. We got to the hotel a bit early, so we went to 光華商場 for some shopping. The new building is actually pretty neat. Was thinking about getting a netbook, but really didn't do enough research beforehand, and also thought I needed a more powerful one than a netbook. Instead I got a few PS3 games (English versions are EXPENSIVE in Japan) and that concluded our pilgrimage to the holy land of electronics in Taiwan. At night it was the main event of our trip. We dressed up pretty nicely, and took our camera to take a few shots of the newlyweds. Everything was nicely done, but too bad I didn't see anyone cry.

1/4 兄弟飯店飲茶, 麻將, 牛排
- had lunch with Vanocuver friends again. In the afternoon, got a sudden call for a quick boardgame and majong session with university friends. After getting security clearance, I was in the clear and ready to go solo for the afternoon. Haven't played MJ for quite a while, but I was still able to kick their asses and even cleaned out one guy. Boardgames weren't so lucky, but hey at least I earned my taxi money, Today also happened to be the 10th anniversary of the day we started dating (that's why the clearance took some effort), so I tried to find a nice restaurant for the occasion. We already had Ruth Chris a couple years ago in Taiwan. It was good but we didn't want to have the same thing again. So I picked a steakhouse in 華國大飯店. It had some good reviews so I thought we could give it a try. Turned it wasn't too bad. Not the Western-style grill, but the meat was pretty good.

1/5 消費卷. 回日本
- Final day of the Taiwan trip. Woke up bright and early to go to 戶政事務所 with mom for the 消費卷 issue. I haven't been back in Taiwan so my 戶籍 is suspended, and I need to reinstate it so I can get the free money. Turned out I needed to go into Taiwan with my Taiwanese passport, but I used my Canadian one. So goodbye my free money. I still manage to last contributed to the Taiwanese economy by buying 燒餅油條 on the way back to hotel. Then it is the packing, taking bus to airport, buying a Cartier cardholder at the duty-free shop, taking the flight, sleeping all the way to Narita, and taking the train back to home. You know, the normal ending.


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