You are what you buy

Inspired by this article 7位兒女,3個網誌,迪士尼買單,媽媽部落客完美的「創作輪迴」, I have started to think about the purpose of my blog.

I have long held the view that writing about oneself on the net, in one form or another, is often a strange paradox. On one hand, people are eager to share their own experience to the accolade/approval of others. On the other hand, they are weary of the presence of trollers spewing toxic wastes. Of course, people deal with trollers in different ways, but it still doesn't change the fact that baring yourself in a public space is (potential) trouble.

But, vanity is everyone's favorite sin, and humans are still inherently social animals. People won't stop writing blogs just because a few paradoxes are standing in the way. That brings back to the purpose of my blog and what I want to do with it.

Since microblogging are the trends now, more traditional forms of blogging seem to become a supplement of them. People can spit out tens (or hundreds) of status updates/twits/plurks a day, and some of them might be worthy of a few paragraphs. So, the purpose of my blog lies in my plurks/twits. A short unscientific glimpse into thems reveals:

1. I say some weird stuff - some come from quotes of others, and some come from my observation of others, whom I don't agree with but don't have the guts have the courtesy not to confront them directly, which results in my seemingly philosophical quotes to mask my true, evil feelings.

2. I want to buy a lot of things,seriously

3. The rest of those plurks/twits are just random musing that serves no purpose...

Of the 3 options. writing about things I want to buy easily becomes a top choice. It serves my vanity, provides a topic for possible social discussion, and gives people(all 2 of you) a glimpse of me while not being deeply personal. More importantly, it is something I think about EVERYDAY so I won't easily run out of topics....

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