Taiwan Trip III


1/1 漢堡店. Camper Shopping, 太陽眼鏡

- Lunch time was at a burger shop with MM's cousins. The shop owner was actually from Vancouver as well. Then we went to take a look at the Camper Sale nearby. Turned out there was a long lineup. Took us about 2 hours to get in. By then we pretty much decided that we had to get something to make up for the time spent on waiting (good strategy on Camper's part?) Fortunately there were still some good-looking shoes, and the prices were cheap too. Then on the way back, we dropped by 誠品 again. This time we stopped by a sunglass shop, and one sunglasses "called to" MM. It's a Vivienne Westwood one. Unlike its other accessories, this one is actually pretty well-made. Plus the other one MM's been looking was a LV one and maybe 2 times more expensive than this one. So we answered its call and took it home

1/2 清粥小菜, 咖啡店, 眼鏡, 日式晚餐
- Today was a relatively relaxing day. Had 清粥小菜 in the afternoon with some of my university friends. One thing interesting was that I remember all the 清粥小菜 are open 24 hours, but this one only one of the shops are open at noon... another indicator of the deteriorating economy? Anyhow, because we had another family dinner nearby, so we just tried to kill our time in department stores... this time, a glasses ”called to" me. I have been looking for a new frame for quite a while.. wanted one with a plastic, black frame, but never could found one that I liked.. This time I tried on one and liked it right away.. a little oversized, and the texture felt better than a typical plastic frame. Turned out it's made of something called celluoid. Of course I answered its call.... The dinner was just another family dinner... nothing special to note.

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