Thought Training

I don't know whether it's age or something else, but recently I feel my brain doesn't seem to work as well as it did before. When it comes to analyzing and thinking, I seem to be a few steps slower. Whatever the reason it is, I know that I haven't been using it much outside of work. Work itself is challenging, but looking at the same problem over and over again doesn't really help with the flexibility aspect of thinking. For many other issues, I just seem to not care as much, or they are simply too unimportant to comment on. Such is the world of the tabloidized news I guess.

I am afraid that if things keep going the same way as they are. I will probably have self-induced Alzheimer's in a few years. That's why I've decided to force myself to write something other than buying stuff at least once a week. It also gives me a chance to test out my new combo of iPad+Apple wireless keyboard to eventually replace my laptop. (so, everything still goes back to shopping...)

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