An inspiration from Facebook...

Create a widget that shows your love! Whether it's sports, fashion, or anything else. The important thing is to limit space, and use it more as a self-expression. For example, a person who loves A&F can just display a fancy A&F logo, or some recognizable A&F merchandise.

business opportunity? Advertisement: Merchandisers can provide coupons or discounts through the particular widget. If they complete the purchase through the widget, then the coupon/discount is redeemed. Also, if others wants to use the discount, they need to install the widget for a few days and then use it.

problems: typical egg/chicken problem: merchandisers want users, and users want merchandisers. a good way is to create the widget without advertisement first. Attract enough users to join the network. Even without advertisements, the user data can be used as a marketing/data mining tools. Then once there is user base, merchandisers will be interested in tapping into the potential pool

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