ひつまぶし, you are now No. 2 on my best food list...

Spent the weekend in Nagoya. We basically just went around trying to find the best food there (or maybe that's all I remembered)

Saturday was Miso Katsu at Yaba-ton. Miso-based fried pork originates from Nagoya, and the taste is great: strong flavors but not in an overwhelming manner. There are also spices and sesames that you can put on the pork. They change the miso flavor to the supporting taste to bring out the different taste...

Sunday was hitsumabushi at Hourai-ken. Hitsumabushi is a type of unagi(eel) rice, but what's unique about it is that it has 3 ways to taste it: by the usual way (unagi with sauce), with green onion, wasabi, and nori (dried seaweed), and then mixed with tea. It is, honestly, the 2nd best thing I have ever had (previous ranking: 1. あぶりトロ 2. Porterhouse steak). It's hard to describe how the different tastes are... the first one brings out the unagi taste, the second one brings out the rice taste, and the 3rd one just mesh everything together...... if you are in Nagoya, you NEED to try hitsumabushi.



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