New Year Resolution 2010

Before that, I probably need to look back on my new year resolution for 2009 first:


  1. JLPT Level 2
  2. Do an interesting project
  3. 70kg

Number 1 was a complete failure.  I only took once-a-week Japanese lessons until February.  After that, all my Japanese study came from TV programs.  So I got to know a lot of comedian phrases and nothing much else.

Number 2 was a classic “be careful what you wish for” type of resolution.  Simply speaking, yes, I got to do an interesting project, but it really isn’t the type of “interesting” I had hoped for. 

Number 3 was acceptably achieved.  The last weight-in I took before 2010 was 70-point-something, but I haven’t weighted in since then…..

So my 2010 resolutions are:

  1. JLPT Level 2
  2. Find a new hobby
  3. 6x kg

Japanese is still something I want to learn more, and level 2 is probably a realistic goal I can try to achieve this year.  A new hobby is something I have been thinking and wanting to find something new this year.  6x kg is just a continuation of my previous goal.

Looking back, 2009 was kind of an adjustment year for me work-wise, family-wise, and self-wise.   Let’s hope for a better and brighter 2010.  (even though my first fortune slip from Asakusa temple this year was bad…)

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