Jumping on the iPad Bandwagon


  1. Plays HD
  2. iBookstore
  3. 10 hours playback time
  4. iPod/Touch app compatible
  5. 3G optional
  6. Bluetooth
  7. Instant-On


  1. Lack of removable media
  2. Lack of non-English content

Well, just by looking at the lists, it’s pretty obvious that it will be high on my shopping list, but the most important factor for me is the initial content offering iBookstore will have, and how easy it is to get it.  The primary purpose I see with iPad is to replace the physical books and especially magazines.  It is not a replacement of notebook or netbook for me, so multitasking isn’t really a concern for me.  Lack of removable media is a little inconvenient, but with so many syncing applications, I am sure there will be some acceptable solutions.  The bonus would be the different apps and videos I get to play/watch.  Lack of non-English content is also another issue that probably will be resolved in time.

What I admire about Apple is the laser focus of their product.  They don’t cut corners and don’t compromise.  Whether the product will sell or fail is another issue, but they know what their vision is.  iPad’s vision is to do what iPod did to the music industry, and what iPhone did to the mobile carriers, to the publishing industry.  Same in every industries, their inertia and rigid thinking need some truly disruptive technology to force them to adapt or die.  Hopefully iPad can be the catalyst.

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