Wow It’s been almost 9 months

Since my last blog entry…. For some reasons I just forgot about blogging and went on doing other things.  I think Plurk probably is the biggest reason why.  Those microblogging stuff really became a replacement of blogging for me, since I am never a person of long articles.  The shorter/faster I can say what I want to say, the better.  But didn’t realize it’s already been 9 months.  One reason I thought about blogging again is because I remembered my new year resolution from last year, and thought I might want to write something about, but it would too long for plurk, so I thought I would try writing something here again.  Another reason is the year-end vacation is coming up, and I have about 2 weeks of free time.  Last half of last year has been pretty interesting, and I thought I would want to reflect a bit on that.  So might write something on that as well….

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