2 Week Update

It was a quick two-week... After touching down on the 12th. First priority was to find a apartment. I was going to spend just 2 days looking and decide before I started working on the 16th, but we couldn't find a satisfactory one until the 18th. We finally decided on an apartment near Meguro station. It was right about the upper limit of what I wanted to spend for rent, and it's at a pretty convenient location, so I think we made a pretty good choice.

The apartment took a week to be ready, so we actually just moved in this Sunday. Only half of our shipment from US/Canada arrived, and all the appliance we bought are out of stock. We managed to get a bed from ikea (no blanket), so at least we are not sleeping on the floor....

ps. I am stealing my neighbor's internet connection to write this blog... hehe

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