Marshall MBA 2008 Spring Term

Before I forget, better write down some stuff for my last term as an MBA candidate

GSBA 556: Business Development in the Networked Digital Industry (NDI)

This course talks about the industry and technology trends of NDI, and introduced some methodologies to evaluate and forecast potential business ideas. Although the name has "business development," the methodologies are much more general.

IOM 522: Time Series Forecasting

A rather quantitative class. Basically, it introduces some methods to analyze data with only time as the x-value. It's also an applied course, so we didn't really had to touch any hard core math. Very interesting to be looking at different data. Our professor is actually an expert in the South California Real Estate, so it's even more interesting given the US economy situation.

IOM 599: Special Topics

A multi-disciplined class. The topics basically investigate how technology trends affected different industries and shapes their future. It's a very dense course, but I think it's one of the more interesting classes I have taken in Marshall.

MOR 565: Alliance Strategy

This class focuses on interactions between different organization and how to craft strategies to dealing with power balance, size, etc. Alliance is a very new topic, so there's no established methodologies for analysis. Still, it's a fun class

MKT 555: Marketing Channels

This class focuses on the Channel strategies in marketing. Since I am not exactly a marketing person, this is pretty new topic. The other P's in marketing is also very much related, but there isn't much time to combine other P's in this course.

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