2011 New Year Resolution

1. Japanese: JLPT level 2 80%

After all, I think I still need some quantifiable goals for studying a language.  Right now I am probably at barely passing level (around 50%).  Might not ended up taking the actual exam, but at least I want to get 80% from a sample test

2. Blog: 10,000 Annual Visits; 1000 Monthly Visits

This goal is probably a bit ambitious.  The iPad boom probably won’t be carrying the blog far.  I think by February the hits will start falling.  Still I think I can try to think of some other stuff to right about.  Hopefully something can catch the fad trend.

3. Weight: 6x kg

Not gonna get there, but still need to write it down.

Was thinking about making some work-related resolution, but letting the chips fall where they may is probably the best way…

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