One Last Thing…

By this time, everyone on Earth probably has known that Steve Jobs, the ex-CEO of Apple, has passed away yesterday.  All the SNSs are filled with messages for him, and I thought it would be out of fashion for me if I don’t write something on the subject.

A lot of people are paraphrasing his old speechs and quotes to show what a visionary he is, but to me, what I took most interest is the way he died. 

My dad passed away earlier this year.  He was a lifer on the sea, being a cargo ship captain.  At the end, he passed away suddenly on the ship on the way home of a brain aneurysm.  As we are preparing for his funeral, we talked about the little things that happened before he died and when we went to get the body on the ship.  It might have been just wishful thinking, but these little things and coincidences made us think that he was meant to go the way he did.  Perhaps the way people die is a snapshot of the way they lived.

So Steve Jobs died the day after Apple’s product annoucement, when people were complaining the underwhelming iPhone4S, the stock dipped 5% after trading,  and there was not a usual “One More Thing” from the Apple's new CEO.  Is there a more appropriate timing of Steve Jobs to stage the conclusion of his life?

Steve Jobs, the master showman, died the way he lived.

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