Christmas is almost here

Time for some reflections...

During the 2 months of inactivity, lots have happened around the world. Stock markets free-fall, companies bankrupt, my laptop broke 2 times, governments screw-up and many more. Good thing is that I am still fully employed.

Work keeps moving at its own pace. I am slowly discovering the bureaucracies of a multi-national corporations, and it's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that in the time of change, how quick can it change?

Personal-wise, I am realizing my limitations as well. Everything boils down to communication: I need to improve my Japanese to a level that I feel comfortable enough to engage in internal discussions. Though English-speaking colleagues say whenever they speak in English, they win the argument, and whenever they speak in Japanese, they lose the argument, to me, I don't mind winning or losing, the important thing is that I can get some new perspectives, no matter how right or wrong they are. This will probably be my most important thing to work on in the coming year.

The apartment is filling up with craps nicely. Recently I have had the nagging feeling that our apartment is too big and rent is too high. but we are still hitting our monthly savings target (or maybe it's set too low?), and I keep rationalizing, telling myself that smaller living quarters = more stress = more arguments, but seriously, I need a second tv... there are too many funny shows on TV to catch, even with a TV recorder. The bottleneck then becomes the TV because it can only be on 24 hours a day, and 2 people need to compete for TV time. That leaves little time for my PS3 and Wii...

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