My Last Class at Marshall

Before I knew it, another 2 months passed, and I just finished my last class at Marshall. Still a couple of projects and finals to be done, but I am basically in graduation mode...

The two years were a blur, it seemed like it was just a week ago that I arrived in LA. I still remembered how hot the day was when I first moved into my then barren apartment. The international student weekend when we were getting a first taste of a Harvard business case. Then the welcome weekend, the core classes, PRIME, internship, 2nd year classes.... Just like a snap of fingers, I am getting my MBA degree in two weeks, getting married in a month, moving to Japan in two months.... It seems like my life has been on the turbo mode ever since coming to Marshall. How do I describe my 2 years of MBA life? I find that I am asking myself these days. If I need to describe my experience in just one word, what would it be? The only thing I can think of right now is "Confusion." Seriously, I am confused.

I am confused about what exactly I did do in these 2 years. I know I did something. In a result-oriented perspective, I figure I did pretty well. A lot of people came to MBA looking for higher career aspirations... be a consultant, be a IBanker, travel the world, lose the mediocrity and the frustration behind. Yeah, in that sense, I did well. I pursued an internship I liked, I had a wonderful intern experience. I got a full-time offer with the same company, doing something I know I will love. I had a generous package. I am even moving to Japan, for god's sake. All these things I could not get had I not gone to MBA. But I am still confused. Was it just the luck of the draw, was it something that I always had in me? Questions beget more questions... I guess that's why I am confused.

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  1. Hahaha I am kind of understand your feeling. I was a bit like that last year when I was about to graduate. Don't worry though, you are never going to stop being confused... and that's a good thing! that means you are constantly thinking. :P

    anywayz, congrats for the graduation and I'll see you when you land in Tokyo :)


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