My Feasibility Project


1. 跟其他棒球游戲不同的地方在於玩家不能直接控制球員, 而他們的角色比較類似監督, 可以組隊, 交換球員, 跟在比賽中下一些策略的決定(移動防守位子, 下達打帶跑戰術,etc)

2. 每個球員會是一張球員卡, 而每個球員可能根據年份或是等級不同而有不同的球員卡。球員卡可以根據比賽獲得的經驗而增加技能

3. 每個玩家可以免費玩游戲, 可是如果需要自己組隊,交換球員或是參加比賽, 則需要買球員包, 然後從包裡的球員組成自己的隊伍

我需要一些關於游戲方面的意見(比如這些能不能吸引玩家, 或是有什么可以新的玩法)或是商業上的意見(需要多少人力, 看起來會不會賺錢。。。)



I am doing a feasibility project for new business ideas, and my idea is to create an online baseball strategy game The rough outline of the idea is:

1. It will be a strategy game. Which means the human players will act like a manager but not as individual players. They can design their own team, trade players, and initiate game strategy (defensive shift, hit and run, etc)

2. The baseball players will be represented as baseball cards. Each player will have different statistics and skills
and can level up with more experience gained. Each player card can be separated in to different years and rarities to introduce more variety

3. The human players can play the game for free, but they will have only computer-generated players. They can't modify the team, and the gameplay option might be more limited. To have their own team and compete in leagues or ladders. they need to purchase virtual packs, and assemble the team from the cards they received from the packs.

I would like some feedbacks on the game idea, and also any business related comments (target segment, whether if it's
feasible, etc)



  1. did you check the link i gave you?


    I hope this is what you are looking for.


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